Backroom takes priority

Eventually, I will give more history of our decision to remodel, but I wanted to get some pics up today because work has finally started.

I knew Chloe would be the first one in the blog ūüôā
The walls are actually a nice green color, but the windows are awful….
See that water….not supposed to be there.

We have¬†a backroom that was added on not long after the house was built in the 40’s. ¬†When my husband
bought the house, lets just say the room complete collapsed, well, at least the ceiling did.   It was a mess, and we were going to knock it down.   We were able to save it, but ran out of money to finish it.   It has needed tile flooring, trim and windows for years!  We also have had an issue getting water in from the door.

With us knocking down walls, the living room will be unavailable during the kitchen remodel as well. ¬†We need the space for¬†living, so that is taking priority. ¬† And… we also thought this would be a good time to get a new front door too.

Today they stared with the tile and the front door.  The windows and trim will be over the next couple days.    It is so NICE to see progress!!  Will have more pictures once everything is done!