So many cabinets!

It has been a bit since I posted but that is because it has taken a bit for the cabinets.   That has been the next step in the process and it took longer than expected.  I didn’t think people wanted to see 10 posts about cabinets, so I was just waiting until they were pretty much finished.  One of our big corner lazy susan cabinets was damaged and had to be rebuilt, which slowed the whole process down.

On top of all that, I have been coordinating the upcoming benefit for my labor of love, Take Back the Night.  This annual benefit is how we raise the money to put on the annual rally and march to raise awareness about sexual violence.   Things have been a bit hectic.   The exciting thing is the counters are being installed on Friday, March 17th!!! And the plan is to finish it all next week!

So without further adieu, here are some pictures of the cabinets.

They are here! And so pretty! It looks like chaos but soon it will really begin to look like a kitchen
Everyone loves the two tone, especially the gray. They look so clean and elegant. And we have a real spot for our dishwasher. What is crazy is this is basically the cupboard space I had before we did this kitchen,.
OOOO space for wine!


Lazy Susan! Makes things easier on us and uses all this corner space.
Our fridge will have its own alcove and I can actually reach the cupboard above it.
My new slide out pantry. This basically makes me cry. Originally this was a broom closet when the house was built. Then it was converted to a pantry (ie they put shelves in there. ) But it was so deep, things would get lost. Now I can actually see and reach what will be in there!!!
We will have 2 (yes 2) spice pull outs. And a similar style cookie sheet pull out in the bottom cabinets!
Bye Bye Ketchup and Mustard. Kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but the kitchen is a soft gray and the living room is a soft blue. So calming.
What am I going to do with all this space. This is All new frontier as far as cabinets go. We had nothing on this side!
This is one of my favorite shots so far. You can see the snazzy pocket lights and how wide the kitchen is now. And the new peninsula. The light in the dining room will be replaced by a new chandelier and we will have a pendant light over the sink in front of the window.