Beginning of the backyard transformation

Well, the big day is here!  Our major landscaping in the backyard and driveway is being worked on as I write this.

To see how far we have come though, I need to post the dreaded “Before pictures”

Here is the side of the driveway which we use as an extension of our patio.   It will have rocks put in along the fence and the weeds will be killed!!

A side view of our patio  as well as the back from the yard as it started in the spring – this is the area Tom and I are taking on.


    The back corner which will be turned into a perennial garden.



And the scary area behind the garage – future home of my Buddha garden.

Over the next few days, I will begin to update with new pictures so you can see all the changes!   We are super excited about this – making a backyard oasis and the extension of our cozy house!