It is beginning to look like a room!

We have walls.   When this happened, you could really see how it is coming together and how it is starting to look like an actual room again.  The biggest thing that Tom and I notice is the former doorways being gone.  It is so strange to have them closed off and I know when we are using the house like normal I am going to walk into the wall once or twice (or 10 times.)

For example – the picture to the left – where there is white, used to be the door to the kitchen off the hall.  They were able to match up the texture pretty good, so we are glad about that.   The drywall guys were so fast.   Sanding took about 2 hours!

We also found out that there is no longer going to be any wall dividing the two rooms except for a small soffit between them.  The pictures don’t really do it justice,  I think once the paint is done, it will show better.

So for now, we can show pictures of walls and a sneak peak at our tile.  Grouting is tomorrow and then Wednesday – CUPBOARDS!!!


The other side where the opening is. Our stove will be here with the microwave above. more microwave on the counter!
Tom’s bar is going in this spot.
Shot standing inside our front door. No more crazy vent sticking out of the floor and the new vents ready for the cupboards.



Tile!!! This will be finished and grouted tomorrow. It is soo pretty.
This is right inside our front door where you could turn and go into the living room. Not anymore.

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