Demo, Demo, Demo

I now understand what it means to live in a construction site.  Our kitchen is a skeleton.

To give you an idea of what we started with, I took a few “before” pics.

Standing in front doorway looking through dining room into kitchen.
The peninsula standing inside kitchen area
Snazzy broken cupboards. At some point, previous owners switched out the doors but left the original cupboards.
The half wall between the living room and the dining room.


The demo started a couple of weeks ago.   The halfwall turned out to be something someone added at some point!

We also discovered the door along the hallway was a pocket door and the wall that made up the peninsula had been a full wall between the kitchen and dining room.  They said they found 6 layers of flooring in the kitchen.   We are now down to the floor boards.

The duct that used to go upstairs a long time ago. All that hardwood that was in the dining room will be donated to Habitat along with our appliances.

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