Demo, Demo, Demo

I now understand what it means to live in a construction site.  Our kitchen is a skeleton.

To give you an idea of what we started with, I took a few “before” pics.

Standing in front doorway looking through dining room into kitchen.
The peninsula standing inside kitchen area
Snazzy broken cupboards. At some point, previous owners switched out the doors but left the original cupboards.
The half wall between the living room and the dining room.


The demo started a couple of weeks ago.   The halfwall turned out to be something someone added at some point!

We also discovered the door along the hallway was a pocket door and the wall that made up the peninsula had been a full wall between the kitchen and dining room.  They said they found 6 layers of flooring in the kitchen.   We are now down to the floor boards.

The duct that used to go upstairs a long time ago. All that hardwood that was in the dining room will be donated to Habitat along with our appliances.


Backroom takes priority

Eventually, I will give more history of our decision to remodel, but I wanted to get some pics up today because work has finally started.

I knew Chloe would be the first one in the blog 🙂
The walls are actually a nice green color, but the windows are awful….
See that water….not supposed to be there.

We have a backroom that was added on not long after the house was built in the 40’s.  When my husband
bought the house, lets just say the room complete collapsed, well, at least the ceiling did.   It was a mess, and we were going to knock it down.   We were able to save it, but ran out of money to finish it.   It has needed tile flooring, trim and windows for years!  We also have had an issue getting water in from the door.

With us knocking down walls, the living room will be unavailable during the kitchen remodel as well.  We need the space for living, so that is taking priority.   And… we also thought this would be a good time to get a new front door too.

Today they stared with the tile and the front door.  The windows and trim will be over the next couple days.    It is so NICE to see progress!!  Will have more pictures once everything is done!






Why I, who loves to cook, have a house with a bad kitchen

We have done it – the contract is signed, deposits are paid, we are redoing our kitchen.    I have put up with its non-storage for 12 years, and it is time.

My husband Tom had bought this house before we met.  He knew it needed work, but it is in a great neighborhood, across from a park and for the price, he couldn’t pass it up.   Because he had bought it with his ex-wife, he asked if I wanted to sell it and buy something new.   I thought about it and said No, we know the pains of this house, we could end up with something awful.   I am certainly glad I did, since it was at the height of the housing bubble and we would have been underwater on it in months.

But there are more reasons we kept the house.   First of all, it fulfills a want I have dreamed about as a child.  I always wanted to live within walking distance of a cool, fun downtown.  And I certainly couldn’t ask for more than Ferndale, MI has to offer.  It has a vibrate downtown with restaurants, bars, shops and lots of fun people who hang out here.   It is a very diverse and open community where people do watch out for each other.  Our neighbors on either side are helpful and friendly.  We even exchange Christmas gifts every year.  And we are across from a park…ie Doggie TV.

This house also has great character.  Built in the late 40’s it has plaster walls, hardwood floors, coved ceilings, oddly lots of windows and an upstairs big bedroom that also needs work, but that is another story.   The bathroom needs a gut job too, but hey, one thing at a time.

We always have wanted to redo the kitchen, but I didn’t want to do it partway.   Unfortunately we never had the money to do it all at once, and we have learned that doing things in pieces doesn’t work very well.  So we had to wait.   And now we are in a place to make this happen.

So soon, I will be a cook and foodie that has an awesome kitchen!